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The Hamrick Family

When I decided to work for myself it was about more than just wanting to make more money, and to be my own boss. I wanted to make sure that I could provide the best life for my family. Also, I never wanted to miss another one of my kids events. When you work for someone else its hard to always get the time off you need or want. You cant always make every soccer practice or school play, and that was the biggest motivator for me to start my own business.

Because I work so hard to provide the best and most comfortable life for my family, you can be assured that each and every project I take on will be done with complete 100% care and attention to detail. Providing my customers with quality work allows me to provide a good and healthy life to my family.

I have three kids. Jacob, the oldest, and my two daughters Kelsey (left) and Madison (center.)
Jacob, my oldest kid, is a Geospatial Engineer in the Army. Growing up he played football and golf. Whenever he gets some time away from work we go to the local Golf Club to have some "friendly" competition. I am super proud of everything he has accomplished and know that over the years he will accomplish a lot more. Its more than his military service that makes me proud of him, he has the best character a father could ask for. He has grown up to be an excellent man in my eyes.
Kelsey, my oldest daughter, is currently in college and working her way to becoming a registered nurse. While in school she has always worked the hardest to get the best grades and marks. That determination translated into her adult life as she continues to further her education. Her passions are animals and soccer. Growing up it was my pleasure to coach her in recreational soccer until she moved on to High School ball. Just like everything she does she put the hardest work into her sport to be the best player she can be.

Madison, my youngest and craziest child. Like her sister she has an undying passion for soccer. She loves the outdoors, especially the beach. Very athletic and loves to try new sports, she also likes to watch all the sports she can find on TV. She too loves animals and loves to play with our Chocolate Labrador, Bama. A bright and active young lady who keeps my wife and I feeling young ourselves. This one always has us on the go.